water fall

20 de fevereiro de 2015

My second shoot of the year (and first shoot blog post!) was spent at the next to a water fall on a beautifully sunny day. The river was angry and with every wave that crashed against the rocks we were shooting on, the river spray covered us from head to toe. Little droplets kept covering my lens and I would spend every couple of camera clicks wiping it down before I could care less. And so, towards the end I photographed with my lens dripping in wate, which I think created some lovely hazy images (the last couple of photos in this post!). This was such a wonderful shoot to begin 2015 on. We only spent about an hour and half talking pictures but we made every moment couple before our skin was too covered in goosebumps to continue.

2 comentários

  1. Parabens Carolina! beijinhos! amo o teu trabalho. gostava de saber de que forma é que editas as tuas fotos, que ferramentas usas mais no photoshop? obrigada e muitos beijinhos

  2. Aww obrigada! ♥ Normalmente utilizo curves e a luz para alterar as cores no Photoshop. Eu gosto de manter as fotografias o mais natural possível, por isso tento a evitar o retoque, tanto quanto possível, quando ao meu trabalho pessoal. beijinhos :)


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