5 de fevereiro de 2015

it’s about high time I start sharing some fashion inspiration on here again, don’t you think? I miss looking at all these beautiful editorials and sharing them with you. Let me know if I should keep doing it, or if I should go back to focussing on my outfits!

 PHOTOS VIA fashiongonerogue.com 
This editorial is the March cover store of Flare magazine. Fresh models posing without makeup on, and without retouching. Such beautiful faces that become more approachable, and we are able to see their true beauty shine through. I think it’s absolutely incredible. I’ve been waiting for a long time for a magazine to do this, but never really expecting it to become a reality, because so much about the fashion industry is fake. This is actually something that eats away at me a lot. People expect you to be perfect, to always say the right things, to smile when you’re supposed to smile. For crying out loud, just be yourself! That’s the only person you can be if you want to truly be unique. 
But enough yammering from me. Point being, you are beautiful, nobody is perfect (in fact it’s the imperfections that make us perfect), and you should be proud of showing the true you, both literally (without makeup) and figuratively. And now, keep being awesome! And tell me about yourselves here.

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